1L Low Ash Oil MB228.51 (10w40)



**Please provide registration number before purchase to double check compatibility**

**Oil is also available in 5L, 20L containers & 210L drum**

MB228.51 is a premium oil designed to optimise fuel economy for the latest generation of diesel engines equipped with modern emission control systems. I.E Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF). Good cold starting performance, low oil consumption and minimised exhaust emissions

This oil is suitable for all Mercedes-Diesel Engines with MB228.51 Spec Including
Citan 2013 Onwards
Sprinters 2006 Onwards
Vito 2003 Onwards (642)
Vito 2003 Onwards (646)
Vito 2003 Onwards (651)
New Vito 2013 Onwards
New 447 Shape Vito
Axor, Atego, Actros, Antos, Econic.


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